Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Easy Solution for Budget Control

After over a year of development (on and off), I'm pleased to say I'm finally ready to launch my new Script Services site.  As some of you will now, I'm passionate about AdWords Scripts and think they're one of the most powerful tools offered by AdWords.  However, not everyone finds them easy to use; to get the best out of Scripts you really need some background in programming and a half-decent knowledge of JavaScript.  While it's possible to "cut and paste" example scripts from the web (including from Google's own resources), you're still left with the risk that script might go out of date (Google loves to change how Scripts work) and you may still need to try and edit the code to change settings, which can be daunting for someone not familiar with the language.

What I wanted to do was offer AdWords users the opportunity to use Scripts, but to do so without having to get involved in the actual down and dirty programming side of things.  This is what the Script Service does.  For a really good value monthly fee, you'll have access to a number of scripts that you can run on your Account(s) but you won't have to touch any programming.  All the settings and options are controlled by a simple user interface with helpful hints on what to do.  Here's the control screen for Budget Control:

This Budget Control script is one of my favourites and I'd say an essential tool for anyone using a fixed spend.  The script will monitor spend throughout the month and adjust budgets daily to take account of any underspend, not only that, it'll allow you to split the budget using percentages across Campaigns (so you could give one Campaign 50% of the budget, one 30% and another 20%) and allows you to adjust budgets daily (so you could spend more on a Monday than a Sunday, for example).

Right now, there's only a couple of scripts available, but they're both very useful and I'll be adding others on a regular basis.

I'm offering sign-ups at virtually half-price for a limited time and if you sign up now that'll be the price you'll pay forever, regardless of how many scripts I add (unless you unsubscribe at any time, in which case if you wish to re-subscribe you may have to pay full price).

I'll be adding a discussion board soon, but in the meantime, please use the contact form on the site if you have any problems or questions!

Visit the site now at: