Friday 22 February 2013

Flogging A Dead...

If you're in business, it's always a good idea to keep your ear to the ground for new developments or stories that will have an influence on your trade.  Here in the UK we currently have a news story that should be making our stressed independent butchers jump for joy: The Horsemeat Scandal.

For those that don't know (or care, or both), horsemeat has been found in a large number and variety of pre-prepared meals here in the UK; typically those sold in supermarkets.  Whilst a source of great discussion and contention, for our independent butchers this news is joyous.  I've spoken to both our local butchers here where I live and they've both said they've seen a very welcome increase in trade.  They can proudly say - and prove - that when you buy beef mince from them it will be "beef" mince not something that might conceivably once worn a saddle.

So, butchers think it's great, so what?  Well, if you're a butcher, now is a perfect time to advertise.  You not only have the benefit of the scandal making your business more attractive, you can use Keywords related to the scandal to show your Ads.  Just now I searched for "horsemeat" in Google.  I was instantly offered "horsemeat scandal" as a suggestion and have now seen a full page of results related to the current news.  But there wasn't a single Ad from a butcher.  That page should be covered with Ads promoting local businesses and the quality of their wares; buyers in the UK should be reminded that if they're worried about the quality of their meat they can get a reliable source and support local trade.

Even better news is that you really won't face any competition from supermarkets for once.  I'm sure they're all thinking of how they might turn this disaster into a triumph but they won't be able to advertise their own in-horse, sorry, in-house butchers with a straight face.  OK, so you were selling us horse meat from the chillers and freezers but we're supposed to trust you when it's over the counter?

So, c'mon all you butchers out there... where are your Ads?

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