Monday 21 January 2013

Build Your Site for Remarketing

If you've not fallen in love with Remarketing, or worse still don't even know what I'm talking about.  Go here and read all about it.  I'll make a cup of coffee and wait till you come back.

Right, ready?  So, Remarketing allows you to target people that have been to your site before, and that's the very simplest form of the tool - just that they've been to your site.  But Remarketing can create lists that are much more tightly focused on the nature of their visit and this in turn allows your Remarketing Ads to be more tightly focused and we all know this is a "good thing".  For example, let's say you sell watches online and you sell both Gents and Ladies watches.  It'd be useful to know which watches were looked at so you can Remarket Ads based around Gents watches or Ladies watches.  You could even go further and target particular brands of Gents watches.

To do this you create filters and conditions but these are based upon the URLs of your webpages and here, finally, we come to the point of this article.  When you're designing your site it has always been important to think about how it will interact with Adwords (I bleated about this here) but Remarketing adds another dimension.  When building your site try to think about how the structure could be used in conditions for Remarketing lists.  If you were planning on just putting all the Gents watches in one page (mens-watches.php), consider having this page and another that is by brand (mens-oris.php).  This could lead to a lot of pages so you could also use very specific variables in the URL (mens-watches.php?brand=oris).

In case you've never heard of Oris, have a look here.  Yes, I do have one, but I'm always happy to have another.

So, that's about it.  If you're planning a new site or just a restructure of an existing one, think about the potential for Remarketing and make sure that structure lends itself to good, tightly focused lists.

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